About us

Unfortunately I don't have some amazing story about how I became such a natural medication/ remedy advocate. I've always hated taking any form of pill, albeit OTC or prescription. Like most, I've dealt with chronic pain for the past 15 years and basically just threw the towel in in regards to figuring out a safe way to manage it. I refuse to be a slave to some BS prescription pill, and don't feel like taking Tylenol, or whatever other pain reliever, daily. 


Hello Kratom

About 5 years ago I stumbled upon Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom). Wow. I honestly couldn't believe that a crushed up leaf could be so effective. Not only was my pain gone, but I wasn't a zombie the way I'd been after taking some popular prescription pain killers. I contacted the owner of a premium Kratom company, we hit it off, and the next thing I know I am repping his product locally and extremely involved in the Kratom movement. We know where this is going.....


Goodbye Kratom

The DEA issued an EMERGENCY (lol) Schedule 1 ban of Mitragyna Speciosa the beginning of September 2016. This was a massive gut punch. I'm not even speaking in regards to anything financially. Although many people will now lose jobs, and just as many will lose a lot of revenue from this. The worst part is the people who have used this amazing plant to kick decade long addictions. The people who have discovered the plant and now have a brand new lease on life. Those that suffer from anxiety. Those that suffer from depression. Yes, those people are the ones that worry me. 


Kava & Akuamma

I immediately started doing research on alternatives. Reddit, Facebook, the local stores I have built relationships with over the years, and even rehab clinics who treat clients solely with Kratom. There were 2 overwhelming responses from everyone. Kava Kava & Akuamma Seeds


I had a good friend from Fiji, who would always make a nice warm batch of Kava up when I'd visit his store and always loved the feeling it gave me while we would sit around the bowl and chat. So I knew Kava would be a good and safe alternative for those looking for the overall good feeling of well being they got from Kratom. Akuamma seeds were new to me though. The reviews were all overwhelmingly positive, but obviously I had to try some for myself. If you've done any research, I'm sure you've read how bitter the seeds are. Well, they aren't lying and neither am I when I say they're BAD! I ground up 2 seeds and tossed the powder in my mouth and chased it with some water. I immediately regretted that decision. Capsules are the only way to ingest Akuamma for me now. 


Akuamma seeds were quite amazing for relieving pain. I was actually shocked at the effectiveness. I'd read how sedative they can be as well, and that is true. Sort of. I'd read that people would pass out after taking Akuamma, that wasn't the case for me. What I felt was a very nice calming and relaxing euphoria. Unfortunately Kratom has spoiled most users. Aside from the pain management benefits of Kratom, you got some pretty killer energy off of that plant since it's related to the coffee plant. I've yet to find something that encompasses all these traits, but you know what, Kava and Akuamma are pretty damn close.

Grounded Organics Mission

Here I am, trying to spread knowledge and awareness about these amazing species. The Earth gives us incredible solutions to our every day problems, it's time we start utilizing them and break free from the disgusting Pharma industry. I will never stop looking for the highest quality and most effective products out there, always all natural, no substitutes. That is my passion and drive behind this. Please feel free to Contact Me with any suggestions, comments, reviews, or just to say hi!