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At Grounded Organics we have 1 simple mission. To provide the highest quality herbs sourced straight from the farm to your front door. We specialize in natural remedies that combat pain, anxiety, depression, and simple day to day stress. While at the same time providing a slight euphoria, calming, and relaxing of the body and mind. Nature has provided many beneficial plants, herbs, roots, and seeds to us. I'm hoping to bring more light to these amazing and natural products. Learn more about us HERE.


Kava & Akuamma Seeds

Right now my focus is on these 2 species. I find the benefits of both (pain management, relaxation & sense of well being) to be superior to most plants out there. Kava provides that beautiful sense of calm while at the same time a nice little pep in your step, and added sociability. Akuamma is an amazing pain relieving seed, and on the back end provides a slight euphoria making the user feel nice and peaceful. Plus with the ban of Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa), these are the next best thing. I will add more products as time goes on and I'm able to do proper testing.