Bulk Akuamma Powder

Bulk Akuamma Powder

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Bulk Akuamma Powder


picralima nitida

Akuamma In Stock & Shipping Now!!!

Yes! We sell straight Akuamma Powder. We have 1kg+ sizes available as well, check out our Wholesale Page for more info.

Please realize that Akuamma Powder is extremely BITTER. I'm not exaggerating this and don't consider myself to be a noob when it comes to ingesting herbs and other "Earthy" substances. That being said......Akuamma tastes....bad. First time I tried it I used the trusty Toss 'n' Wash method. WRONG. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for quite a while. That being said, obviously your best value is straight powder, and if you are capping yourself, then it's perfect. Or if you're just a brave soul that loves punishing yourself, more power to you :)