Premium Akuamma Capsules

Premium Akuamma Capsules

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Akuamma Capsules


picralima nitida


Akuamma is EXTREMELY Bitter. There may be some residue on the outside of the capsules FYI. It won't hurt you, but might hurt your taste buds for a bit!

Our premium grade Akuamma seeds come directly from West Africa. We work closely with the farm and workers involved in farming and drying this seed. We carry only crushed Akuamma seeds. They are incredibly bitter, and very tough to grind up. Akuamma has been used for centuries in Africa as a natural pain reliever. Akuamma seeds impact the mu opioid receptors in the brain, making them effective for those who are seeking a natural and non addictive alternative to opiate painkillers.

Many people compare Akuamma Seeds to Kratom stating they are incredibly similar. I have to disagree with them however. Akuamma seeds provide amazing pain relief benefits. Akuamma is truly amazing in this category. BUT, those who are looking for the euphoria and energy from Kratom, might be disappointed. While there definitely is a mild euphoria with Akuamma seeds, it won't be as pronounced and in your face as Kratom is. You will definitely feel nice and relaxed when you take Akuamma, and it promotes healthy sleep cycles as well. Users need to understand that Akuamma is different from Kratom, and that's ok. For those seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical pain relievers, Akuamma is the way to go!

Akuamma Dosing & Effects

I have BULK Akuamma Powder Available as well.